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  Scotty "Screwy" Sherbert has been painting something or other since he was a kid back in the old neighborhood. Whether a Schwinn bicycle or somebody's car, he had something to do with paint. 


  After college, he worked in several shops ending up at a local custom paint shop where he gained invaluable experience. During this time, he was also racing motocross and this is where the helmet painting started (by painting his own). Helmet painting started taking off in about 1985 when a California painter named Troy Lee made a name for himself and introduced the rest of the world to custom lids on factory racers. Since then it has exploded with several helmet painters throughout the country.


  Scotty was one of the first in the northwest to begin this trade, and since, has painted lids for nearly every top racer to come out of the northwest, as well as thousands of amateur racers. The painting did not stop there, however, he has been custom painting jet-skis, motorcycles and cars ever since. 


  After numerous awards and magazine covers, Scotty spends most of his time nowadays on motorcycles, cars and trucks, but will always continue to paint helmets and skis. Having been active in motocross and jet ski racing his whole life, has brought a mainstay of customers and good friends throughout over 20 years of business.


 The Screwy Designs shop has also turned it's talent to automotive restoration and body work. They have helped many classic car owners put the finishing touches on beautiful restoration projects and they specialize in flawless collision repair. Whether you have a scratch or major body damage, Scotty will work with you and your insurance to quickly repair your car to new condition and get you back on the road.


  Scotty looks forward to meeting new people and taking on new projects and hopes you are the next one he meets. So stop by the Screwy Designs shop in Olympia, Washington to say Hi. You can check out the showroom, talk some business and maybe do a little bench racing!


   Check out our full range of services below and give us a call.

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